From our volunteer team coordinating thousands of volunteers, to our development team focusing on advancement, to our outreach & follow-up care teams that spend every day journeying with guests that we're helping — we are all here to use our gifts & skills to pursue oneness together!



Juan Galloway, President & CEO, juan@newyorkcityrelief.org

Jan Conklin, COO, jan@newyorkcityrelief.org

Josiah Haken, VP of Outreach, josiah@newyorkcityrelief.org

Claudia Wittel, VP for Advancement, claudia@newyorkcityrelief.org

Tai Bollawara, CFO, tai@newyorkcityrelief.org



Kerrie Aldira, Volunteer Coordinator, kerrie@newyorkcityrelief.org

Michelle Arroyo-Carmona, Financial Administrator, michelle@newyorkcityrelief.org

Sean Ballentine, Follow Up Care Coordinator & Resources Manager, sean@newyorkcityrelief.org

Joshua Beekman, Part Time Outreach Leader

Keith Cho, Follow Up Care Coordinator, keith@newyorkcityrelief.org

Kelsey French, Intern

Teresa Gowan, Director of Resources & Follow Up Care, teresa@newyorkcityrelief.org

Alec Gobel, Senior Outreach Leader, alec@newyorkcityrelief.org

Scott Hansen, Assistant Outreach Director, scott@newyorkcityrelief.org

Brett Hartford, Outreach Director, brett@newyorkcityrelief.org

Corey Hayes, Creative Director, corey@newyorkcityrelief.org

Lauren Lee, Outreach Leader, lauren@newyorkcityrelief.org


Nancy Lopez, Part Time Outreach Leader, nancy@newyorkcityrelief.org

Kate Richards, Executive Assistant to the President, kate@newyorkcityrelief.org

Caleb Riffey, Follow Up Care Coordinator, caleb@newyorkcityrelief.org

Edward Schuhlein, Part Time Outreach Leader, ed@newyorkcityrelief.org

Andrea Szott, Community Engagement Officer, andrea@newyorkcityrelief.org

Christine Waithe, Resource Coordinator, christine@newyorkcityrelief.org

Erin Walker, Outreach Coordinator, erin@newyorkcityrelief.org

Lauren Wittel, Communications Director, laurenw@newyorkcityrelief.org

Jess Wright, Director of Volunteer Services, jess@newyorkcityrelief.org

Megan Young, Development Manager, megan@newyorkcityrelief.org

Malika Zlatkin, Events Coordinator, malika@newyorkcityrelief.org



Our Board of Directors are committed to living out the mission of New York City Relief, both inside and outside the board room. We're grateful for their wisdom & their hearts to serve!


executive committee

CHAIRMAN — Ed Herr, President & CEO, Herr Foods, Inc.

VICE CHAIRMAN — Mark Reitsma, Partner, Regency Wealth Management

TREASURER — Dale Park, President & CEO, Action Graphics, Inc.

Robert Bavagnoli, Attorney at Law, Bavagnoli & Bavagnoli

Juan Galloway, President & CEO, juan@newyorkcityrelief.org


board of directors

Robert Barley, CFO, Star Rock Farms

Robert Bavagnoli, Attorney at Law, Bavagnoli & Bavagnoli

Paul Casey, Managing Director, Circle Squared Alternative, Investments/ Sica Wealth Mgt

Dixie Galloway, Executive VP, New York City Relief

Juan Galloway, President & CEO, New York City Relief

Richard Galloway, Founder, New York City Relief

Ed Herr, President & CEO, Herr Foods, Inc.

David Jones, President & CEO, Bowery Mission


James Kohler, President & CEO, Divine Energy Solutions, Inc.

Raymond Melillo, President, Melillo International

Dale Park, President & CEO, Action Graphics, Inc.

Jay Paulson, Partner, Ernst & Young

Steve Pearson, Managing Director, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Mark Reitsma, Partner, Regency Wealth Management

Michael Wile, Northeast Power & Utility, Business Development Leader, Ernst & Young


CO-CHAIR — Chad Gordon, Account Executive, Fundera

CO-CHAIR — Rachael Licata, Senior Market Research Business Partner, Federal Home Loan Bank of New York